Services to Investors

Our full-service platform is committed to delivering aircraft investment opportunities and ongoing commercial and technical asset management to investors.

Our services cover the investment life cycle from origination, finance and technical evaluation, structuring, commercial negotiation, and servicing.



Origination of transactions for new and established aircraft Investors.

A broad array of ongoing projects within the Group leads to off market opportunities that match specific asset, credit, and return criteria.

The service extends beyond deal origination, to encompass due diligence of the airline and asset, financial modelling of proposed investment as well as lease terms and maintenance compensation.



Mitigating execution risk by ensuring all parties involved remain focused on the commercial and technical issues that need to be resolved to safeguard a timely closing.

Coordinating parties navigating commercial complexity to ensure successful conclusion.



Ardavon leverages off the technical and asset management expertise oof its sister company Relaer in providing investment advice and expertise to its clients.

Relaer’s asset management capabilities have been built up over 20 years period in providing it’s services to third parties.



Ardavon’s comprehensive approach combines thorough market analysis with technical insight and commercial judgment.

We follow a multi-step process that determines the best course of action for completing a successful sale of lease of an aircraft, in line with client objectives.

Experience covers wide and narrow body aircraft from both Boeing and Airbus going to and coming out of operators across the globe.